DIY Cork Stamp Fruits & Veggies

Summer Garden DIY Cork Stamp Craft for Kids
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Check out these charming DIY cork stamps from Martha Stewart! No need to purchase expensive stamps at the craft store, use your imagination to repurpose old wine corks into fun fruits and vegetables. Leaving them in their original shape works great for blueberries, grapes, peas, oranges, and other round fruits and veggies. With an X-acto, they can also be shaped to create other produce shaped stamps   - i.e. heads of lettuce, radishes, lemons, etc.

Supplies You'll Need

Stamp blank index cards to create custom note card stationary or garden row markers, use the stamps to write a creative story, or simply allow your kiddos to explore different shape/color combinations!

For the full tutorial, be sure to visit Martha Stewart!

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