DIY Blocks & Dice - Awesome Pinterest Finds!

We've discovered Pinterest... and we're not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Most definitely good because it's a fanTAStic way to find and share ideas, but 'bad' because we're finding it hard to spend a reasonable amount of time on the site {aka we get nothing else done}! Here's a few of our favorite finds so far...

Reusable Dice Craft for Kids
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Chalk Blocks. This brilliant idea comes from Mariah at Playful Learning. They're super versatile and can be used for free creative expression or for learning games/activities!

Homemade Games for Kids
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Wiggly Eye Dice. We just love this unique dice set from Leafcutter Designs - and we're certain your kiddos/students will too! Exchange regular game dice for these fun alternatives or work them into your learning activities.

Literacy and Reading Homemade Craft for Kids
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Story Dice. Fabulous for literacy development, these blocks designed by Holly of Stitch-Craft may just inspire your most reluctant storyteller to weave an exciting tale!

Homemade Phonics Learning Aid for Kids
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Phonics Dice. Help your kiddos/students learn basic phonics concepts and strengthen early reading skills with a set of phonics dice like these from The Crafty Classroom! They'll have a blast mixing and matching dice to create familiar words.

Did you notice a pattern? We may have been a little obsessed with blocks/dice lately =) These are just a few of the many great ideas we're finding on Pinterest. Be sure to check out the site and each of these wonderful blogs/sites to find directions for each of these fabulous learning tools!