Cute Outdoor Crafts - Before You Pack Up School for the Summer!

Ran across this post from Roots of Simplicity and had to share some of the inspiring outside craft ideas for you to consider using as the school year comes to a close. {Specifically for those times when you, and your students, just need a break from the stagnant classroom air and are craving blue skies, warm spring breezes, and the glorious feel of the sun on your skin!} Here are our favorite features!

Preschool Outdoor Spider Craft
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Test your kiddos fine motor skills with this cutesy web weaving craft - perfect for use during a spring insect unit or when paired with the classic Carle literature selection, The Very Busy Spider!

Summer Outdoor Ocean Craft for Kids
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Pining for the beach? Provide your students with a unique sensory, sand castle building experience - using actual sandpaper! Follow this craft with a journal prompt {i.e. "My favorite summer vacation is...", "My favorite thing to do at the beach is...", "What I'm looking forward to this summer.", etc} as you lounge amidst your castles and let the grass tickle your toes.

Outdoor Gross Motor Game Craft for Kids
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Need to get the wiggles out? Have your students help you make this colorful yard game that will have them strengthening gross motor skills, brushing up on social skills as they interact with classmates, and using up some of their restless energies before returning to the classroom!

Be sure to visit the full post at Roots of Simplicity for these other great outdoor craft/game ideas!