Creating Your Own Seussville!

Dr. Seuss Read Across America Pretend Play Kids Craft
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Check out this amazing Seuss-inspired city created by Charisa and her kiddos at Madtown Macs! We think this would be a fabulous project for your students to collaborate on during your Dr. Seuss unit! The best part is - most of the materials come from your recycling bin. Simply collect your supplies - toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, cereal/card board boxes, plastic milk jugs, plastic containers, soup cans, art tissue paper, craft paint, craft glue, scissors, etc. - place them in a large bin and invite your kiddos to put their 'creativity hats' on. We love Charisa's suggestion to pull out your Dr. Seuss books for inspiration! Students can study his quirky architecture and use some of the same elements/designs when creating their own Seussville! Once the city is complete, your kiddos will have a blast playing with their newly created city - creating characters, spinning new tales, etc.

Be sure to visit Madtown Macs to see more pictures of their awesome Seuss City - don't miss the photo of their bin of recycled supplies!