Create Drawing Surfaces That Are Re-Useable

In the spirit of reducing wasted supplies and resources, here is a great alternative to traditional art presented by Chica and Jo. Using a simple scrapbook frame with a glass insert, creative paper scenes, and assorted colors of dry erase markers you can create an easily updated and re-usable drawing surface! A great activity to keep in the classroom for children to use during free-time, you can change background paper and scenes to correlate with units of study, encouraging your students to illustrate the concepts learned. Of course, free form drawing and student creativity are also to be encouraged. If desired for use in a classroom of younger students, supplies should be kept in a safe place and children supervised during participation in the  activity to prevent messes and accidents. Additionally, it is advantageous to provide dry erase markers that are low odor and make sure the area of use is well ventilated to manage fumes.

Creative and re-usable drawing surface | Chica and Jo

Having an educational carpet in the classroom is great for circle time and a learning aid!