Columbus Day - “If I Discovered America” Writing Craftivity

Columbus Day Social Studies and Writing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Jessica Travis of Wild About Firsties created this adorable writing craftivity for Columbus Day and is sharing it, for FREE, at her Teachers Pay Teachers site! After learning more about Christopher Columbus' voyage and exploration of the New World, invite your kiddos to imagine if they had traveled on one of the three expedition ships and discovered a new land. Have them think about what they might see, who they might encounter, what's the first thing they would do once the stepped foot on dry land, what it might feel like to make such a huge discovery, etc. and write their thoughts down. Decorate the writing page using the template for the adorable explorer hat, included in the free download, and you'll have an adorable display for Columbus Day!

For this awesome lesson and fabulous freebie, be sure to visit Jessica's Teachers Pay Teachers site. And, of course, don't forget about her blog, Wild About Firsties!