Colorful St. Patrick's Day Wreath Craft

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Wreath Craft for Kids and Math Lesson Plan
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Add some color to your classroom for the holiday with one of these vibrant wreaths from Activity Village! Simple to create, the rainbow+shamrock theme makes this decoration perfect for St. Patrick's Day and is sure to keep your little crafters occupied!

Craft considerations...

  • While the original craft calls for card stock to create the wreath, you might consider using a paper plate! With the center cut out, you'll have the perfect wreath ring to decorate! [And the wavy edge will add visual interest!]
  • Experiment with different art mediums when creating the rainbow - e.g. liquid watercolor paints, oil pastels, kool aid paint, etc.
  • Find and print different shamrock templates onto card stock. Cut them out and cut each template in half. Have an impromptu symmetry lesson, inviting your students to fold pieces of green paper, trace the template/cut the design on the fold, and open the new cutout to reveal a full shamrock that is the same on both sides.

However you decide to tackle this craft, the finished products are sure to add a nice touch to your classroom decor this St. Patrick's Day! Be sure to head over to Activity Village for the full project details!