Color Mixing Fun with "Mouse Paint"!

Photo Source: Teach Kids Art

Ellen Stoll Walsh's Mouse Paint is one of our favorite ways to introduce the concept of color mixing. Using the book as a jumping off point, Cheryl over at Teach Kids Art put this great color mixing lesson together that we know your kiddos will love!


Ellen Stoll Walsh's Mouse Paint

color wheel

paper plates

black permanent marker

red, yellow, and blue craft paint

kids paint brushes

cups of water

art paper

Having Fun with Color Mixing

Photo Source: Teach Kids Art
Photo Source: Teach Kids Art

Start by reading the story and introducing your kiddos to the color wheel. As Cheryl says, your kiddos are familiar with the colors, but it's likely their paints have always been premixed.

Photo Source: Teach Kids Art
Photo Source: Teach Kids Art

After a quick demonstration, set your kiddos free with a paper plate (that has six circles drawn on it with permanent marker), dabs of primary colored craft paint, a paint brush, and a cup of water - inviting them to use the paints on their plate to create orange, green, and purple (secondary colors)!

With their 'paint set' complete, have them use their newly mixed paints for some directed art! Students will start with their paper in the 'landscape orientation', then;

  • Use the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) to create three circles just above the middle of their art paper.
  • Use the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple) to trace around the circles. Then use a different secondary color to add petals around each circle.
  • Use green to create stems, leaves, and grass.
  • Use blue to create the sky.

The finished product is a lovely (and colorful!) flower painting!

Photo Source: Teach Kids Art
Photo Source: Teach Kids Art

For the full art lesson, be sure to visit Teach Kids Art!

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