Cinco de Mayo - Literature, Games, & More!

Cinco de Mayo Preschool Lesson Plan
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Melissa over at Max and Ellie shared this fun lesson for Cinco de Mayo and we figured, since there's still a few days, you might have some time to incorporate these fun activities into your lesson plans! If they're like most, your kiddos are probably a bit 'spring-ed out' by this time of year and could use a change - even for a day! You'll have to visit Max and Ellie for the full lesson plan, but here's a sneak peek at our favorite activities... 

Simón Dice

Help your kiddos learn how to pronounce various body parts in Spanish, then play a game of Spanish 'Simon Says' - or 'Simón Dice'! Not only does this game encourage listening, your students are sure to have a blast learning basic words in another language.

Mexican Jumping Bean Painting

A mix between marble painting and 'spin' art, we know students will love this activity! Tape a piece of paper to the bottom of a box, add dry beans that have been dipped in craft paint, cover the top of the box, and let your kiddos make the beans 'dance'! The results will be truly unique and display-worthy!

For the full Cinco de Mayo lesson plan - literature suggestions, crafts, and more - be sure to visit Max and Ellie!