Cherry Blossom Math

spring cherry blossom kindergarten math center activity
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If you're a center "multi-tasker", here's a great spring craft-math from Deedee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.

Supplies You'll Need

Start by having your kiddos draw or trace a tree shape {trunk and branches} onto their construction paper. You might consider finding a black and white clip art image of a tree online {like the one here}, printing it directly onto the blue construction paper, and having your kiddos "trace" the lines with the brown craft paint.

Once dry, provide your kinders with shallow dishes of pink and white craft paint and a pencil, inviting them to dip the pencil eraser into each color and press it to the paper, creating clusters of blossoms. Deedee suggests adding a skip counting component by having students add a specific number of blossoms to each cluster {for her classroom the magic number was 5}. When the tree has been fully decorated, students should then count the total number of blossoms, by 5's or whatever interval they're practicing, and record the figure on the worksheet provided. A successful project for multi-taskers!