Cheerful DIY Salt Dough Eggs for Easter!

Spring Easter Egg Craft for Kids
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Doesn't this craft get you in the mood for Easter fun?! When we realized that Easter is in less than two weeks {Yikes! Where has time gone?!}, we immediately began searching for cute and fun new crafts to try out. Stumbling across this colorful photo on Pinterest, we knew we had to check out the tutorial for these gorgeous salt dough eggs created by Amy Christie for Design Mom. It looks simple enough!

If you don't have a favorite salt dough recipe, you can find one in the tutorial along with some great tips - i.e. how to create a smoother texture, how thick to roll the dough, etc. Once the dough is formed and rolled, all you have to do is cut the dough, bake the shapes, and paint!

Craft extension...

When we find a fun craft tutorial, it's a habit of ours to read the comment section for more tips and tricks. This comment from Sarah caught our eye,

"These are really cute. I remember making little branch trees like this as a kid. We’d cut out paper hearts and write our wishes for spring on them."

Wouldn't this be a great craft extension for your kiddos?!

With loads of cheerful photos and tips for creating the perfect salt dough Easter eggs, we know this is an Easter project that your little crafters will have a blast with! Be sure to visit Design Mom for the full craft tutorial!

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