Chameleon Caterpillars Craft

Early Childhood Fine Motor and Patterning Kids Craft

We love how this kid-friendly caterpillar craft makes use of stripes on a striped background. It reminds us of a chameleon! Whether you pair it with a unit on butterflies, a literary study of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or as a fun summer craft, your kiddos are sure to have a great time with this project!

Supplies You'll Need

First, have your kiddos prepare the background, using the skinny foam roller brushes and the colorful craft paint to place parallel diagonal lines across the white art paper {this is a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary!}. Set the background prints aside to dry, inviting your students to use the caterpillar template to trace and cutout a caterpillar cutout from construction paper. Using scissors and construction paper that has been pre-cut lengthwise into 4-inch wide strips, have your students snip strips of various colors to glue onto their cutout. This process is great for building hand strength and fine motor skills, it also provides a great opportunity to discuss the art of patterning with your kiddos! Add construction paper antennae and legs, then glue the chameleon caterpillar onto the dry background and watch it 'disappear'!

[NOTE: For a more chameleon-like effect, have your students trace the caterpillar shape onto white construction paper!]