Celebrate Student Accomplishment with A Graduation Certificate

Soon the school year will come to an end and your students will be 'graduating' to the next grade level. Celebrate their accomplishment with this fun graduation keepsake certificate!

Supplies You'll Need
- Card stock in assorted colors
- Stamp pad
- Glue stick
- Stickers

Using a word processing program, create your own graduation day certificate or use the template provided by Marie at SnackPicks. Be sure to include form fields like:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • Favorites (e.g. color, subject, food, book, sport, etc.)

Pass a certificate out to each of your students and invite them to use a pen to neatly write the information into each field. As they're doing this, create a clean up station that includes: a shallow tub of warm, soapy water and paper towels (two pieces per child - one to wash with and one to dry with).

Next. have them take turns using a stamp pad to cover their hand with ink, then press their hand to the certificate to create a hand print. Instruct them to carefully remove their hand and wash right away. After the ink has dried, provide them with glue sticks, stickers, and colored card stock. Invite them to mount the certificate on the card stock with the glue then use stickers to decorate it. An instant keepsake!

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