"Catch A Career" - Career Day Bulletin Board Idea

Career and Occupations Elementary Bulletin Board Idea
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'Reel' your students in for an exciting career day with this fun bulletin board from the faculty of Westwood-Bales. Along with introducing your students to the various fields they might choose from, the design is sure to provide some fantastic color to the hallway or classroom walls!

"Catch A Career" Bulletin Board

  • Background: Cover the entire bulletin board with white bulletin board paper adding a large misshapen oval to the center of the board to create a "pond".
  • Title: "Catch A Career You'll Get Hooked On!"
  • Border: Simple solid trimmer in a complimentary color or an occupations/community helpers bulletin board border.
  • Decoration: 1) The Fisherman. Use construction paper to create a simple 'fisherman' cutout. Either freehand the pieces or find a clip art image {perhaps of your students' favorite character} to enlarge and trace onto the paper. Add this to the bottom left corner and finish off the piece with a fishing pole. It looks like the original designers used an actual fishing pole, but if you don't have one {or don't feel comfortable using yours}, create a simple pole with a dowel rod and piece of string. 2) The "Fish". Brainstorm a list of careers your kiddos might be thinking about, finding and printing a clip art representation of them or finding a set of photographic occupations cards. Mount these onto pieces of colored construction paper or card stock and arrange them in the pond. Make sure each image is labeled with the position portrayed {i.e. nurse, teacher, fire fighter, etc}.

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