Camp Read-a-Lot!

End of the Year Camping Themed Reading Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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While this theme is sure to be fun any time of year, once state testing is over and summer is 'on the horizon', creating your own "Camp Read-a-Lot" in the classroom is sure to offer a great deviation from the norm {your antsy kiddos will certainly appreciate that!} and will provide your kiddos with some great reading practice before the long summer months! Wanting to surprise her students with a campout, first grade teacher Kimberly Gillow of Funky First Grade Fun created a week long event, assigning a specific theme to each day, and filled their days with camp themed activities - reading, making souvenirs, completing camp themed writing prompts, and participating around the 'camp fire' during morning meeting! Isn't the registration desk adorable?!

While it will take some prep, especially when it comes to finding decorations and tailoring classroom lessons, we're certain that it will be a memorable experience for your kiddos!

To see all of the amazing activities Kimberly put together for Camp Read-a-Lot, be sure to read all of her fabulous blog posts! Of course, the most incredible news of all is that she actually sells the Camp Read-a-Lot lesson/activities at her TpT store! If you want to have your own classroom campout, but don't know where to start - she has it all right there for you!