Beautiful Easter Egg Flower Blossoms!

Spring Easter Egg Flower Craft
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Whether you need a centerpiece for the Easter table, dazzling spring/Easter classroom decor, or a unique gift for Mother's Day, these Easter egg flower blossom from Mid-Craft Crisis are the perfect fit! {Don't you just love versatile crafts?!}

Supplies You'll Need

Begin by cutting 12-inch sections of floral wire {straightening it out as much as possible}, inserting a wire piece into the bottom of each foam craft egg, and, after coating the eggs with a thin layer of glue, cover them with glitter and set aside to dry. As the eggs dry, use the flower templates to trace and cut several colorful flower cutouts from the crafting paper. Layer the cutouts {lining up the centers and ending with the biggest paper bloom on the bottom}, then use a pin to create a small hole through the center of the stack.

Choose a dry egg, tying a bow of ribbon around the wire at its base, then thread the wire through the hole in the center of the flower cutouts. Do this for each glitter egg, arranging the finished "blooms" in a plastic vase or drinking cup covered with colorful crafting paper {with the help of some floral foam}. Add a decorative piece of ribbon around the vase and - voila! - you have a beautiful {and versatile!} spring/Easter bouquet!!

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