Back To School Craft - Pencil Magnets!

Back To School Classroom Decoration and Math Manipulative Craft
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Have a magnetic space in the classroom? These adorable craft stick pencil magnets created by Vanessa Rough of Silly Eagle Books are sure to spruce up your board and provide functional classroom decor!

Supplies You'll Need

While they're great for organization, you can also use these adorable magnets for learning exercises in the classroom. For example, create a math center using an old metal cookie sheet repurposed with patterned scrapbook paper {or your classroom whiteboard, of course!}. Following an activity mat or card, invite students to count out and place the correct number of pencil magnets onto the cookie sheet/board or solve the word problem.

Elementary Math Activity

Be sure to head on over to Silly Eagle Books for more great ideas and some fun reading material to go along with the craft!