Art & Physics: When Two Worlds Collide...

This activity takes a bit of work to set up, but the results are phenomenal! Tom Hobson, preschool teacher, artist, and creator of the blog Teacher Tom, provides an excellent idea for fun and learning with 'pendulum painting!' To prepare for the activity, you'll need PVC pipe, string, a plastic cup with a hole poked through the center, and links from a plastic chain. Visit the full post at Tom's blog to see pictures of the 'rig'. This particular set-up has worked exceptionally well for Tom and his students in the past, but you may have your own ideas for supplemental parts, design, etc. Don't be afraid to recycle parts from the classroom or tweak methods for your own use!

Once set up, dilute several colors of tempera paint (1 part water to every 2 parts paint). When your students are ready to make their masterpieces, plug the hole at the bottom of the cup while you pour the paint into it; about halfway. Then invite a student to come 'give it a swing'. You and your students will be thrilled with the results! For more learning fun, tie this art project into your physics lessons!

Teacher Tom: Pendulum Painting!

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