Aliens for Playtime

While dolls certainly have their place in the classroom, why not inspire your students' creativity with these fun alien toys from the Hood family at their homeschooling blog Se7en.

Supplies You'll Need
- Bottle tops (drinking spout opens when pulled up/seals when pushed down)
- Craft glue
- Chenille stems
- Mini pom poms
- Wiggle eyes To prepare the antennae and eyes, cut your chenille stems into 2-inch pieces. At one end, use your craft glue to attach a mini pom pom. When the glue has dried, add a drop of glue to a wiggle eye and secure it to the pom pom.

Open the spout of the bottle top, poke the dry chenille stems into the opening, then push it down again to secure the antennae. If you're having trouble keeping the chenille stems in the bottle cap, place a small dab of glue on the end for extra hold. Encourage your students to experiment with colors, number of antennae, etc. for various types of aliens! Your students will enjoy that this craft brings something different to the table!

Se7en Million Aliens Are Coming… » se7en

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