Alien Rocket Playhouse

The perfect compliment to our "Aliens for Playtime" post! Also provided by the Hood family blog, Se7en, this colorful craft is ideal for any play space and is, once again, a twist on the traditional doll house.

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled cardboard box
- Craft paint
- Recycled magazines
- Chenille stems
- Stickers
- Kids scissors
- Craft knife
- Sharpie markers For the rocket structure you'll need to cut the following pieces from your recycled cardboard: 2 large rocket shapes, 3 round pieces to be used as floor dividers (should have a large, medium, and small circle), and 4 smaller rocket boosters.

Once all of your structure pieces have been drawn and cut out, move to painting. Choose a different (vibrant) color for each grouping of parts. When you've covered each piece well, set them aside to dry. Next, you'll need your craft knife and ruler handy to make the needed slits to fit the pieces together. Be sure to check the original post for directions and demonstration pictures detailing the proper way to do this!

When the official structure is put together, arm your students with magazines, Sharpie markers, stickers, chenille stems, etc. and invite them to decorate their alien rocket playhouse!

A Rollicking Rocket in Se7en Steps… » se7en

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