Ahoy, Matey! We ARGHHH Ready for Pirate Week!

Pirate Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: msk1ell.blogspot.com

Just found Ms. M's fantastic teaching blog and had to share this end-of-the-year pirate party unit! It certainly looks like bunches of cross-curricular fun! You can head on over to check out the full post, but here's a sneak peek at our favorite activities!

Pirate Costumes

Dress your little swashbucklers in all the traditional pirate gear - pirate hats, eye patches, shiny jewelry, beads, and the like! Ms. M suggests heading over to Kids Craft Weekly for tons of great projects! You might also consider heading over to DisneyFamily.com for some Pirates of the Caribbean inspired gear {pirate buckles, pirate tricorn hats, a captain's compass, bandanas, etc}.

Pirate Prompts

Spice up the writing center with pirate journals {exchange the skull for a mini pirate map or something more 'benign'} and special prompts!

  • "If I found buried treasure, I would..."
  • Imagine you are a pirate...
  • Draw a picture of your pirate ship.
  • Write a code of conduct for your pirate ship.
  • Imagine you are walking along the beach and stumble upon a treasure map...

Pirate Geography

On recycled paper bags, have your students design their own treasure maps. Consider having them use 'landmarks' in the classroom so that their classmates can practice reading a map in order to find the 'hidden treasure'. You might also create a larger treasure hunt outdoors, hiding a prize on the playground and inviting students to work in groups to follow the provided treasure map!

Be sure to visit Ms. M's Blog for more great pirate ideas!