A New Way to Finger Paint

Finger painting is a crowd-pleaser, but some days you're just not up for a mess. Even if you are ready for some sloppy fun, you might encounter a child or two who does not like to get their hands dirty or doesn't care to touch paint. In both of these situations, there is a solution. As Jennifer, creator of Ramblings of a Crazy Woman, puts it, there is a "less messy way to finger paint". Supplies You'll Need - Finger paint - Paper for crafts or finger painting paper - Wax paper - Tools for drawing (e.g. comb, the end of a marker, spoons, etc.)

Provide each student with a piece of paper, place a dollop of each color of paint onto the page, then cover with wax paper. To keep artwork from 'traveling', tape both the piece of paper and wax paper to the table. As the children move their hands across the surface of the wax paper, the paint will follow, creating effective 'finger paint' artwork without the mess! Exploration of other tool patterns can also be fun.

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman: Less Messy Way to Finger Paint

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