A New Twist on Dress Up

Erin, creator of Laugh Paint Create, provides a new twist on 'dress up'! While students aren't the ones dressing up, they are still encouraged to use their creativity in creating a character and appropriate costumes.

Supplies You'll Need
- Card stock
- Construction paper
- Art tissue paper
- Craft glue
- Wonderfoam body
- Colorful fabric scraps
- Various arts & crafts supplies (yarn, gems, sequins, buttons, felt sheets, etc.) Provide each student with a piece of card stock and invite them to use construction or tissue paper to create a background. Erin suggests cutting 1" or 2" squares of paper ahead of time for easy gluing (and to help them move along to the next step)!

Let each student pick out a Wonderfoam body and instruct them to glue it onto their background. Once the people are in place, it's time to play dress up! Invite your students to use the fabric scraps to create clothes, yarn to create hair, and the other supplies to add details, etc.

For extra fun, have your students name their character and write a short bio about them. Then have them take turns introducing their character to the class. A great craft for lots of play and fun!

laughpaintcreate: Dress Me Up

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