3 Crafty Ways to Celebrate 100 Days!

Celebrate 100 Days with Smarties
Photo Source: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Can you believe we are already talking about celebrating 100 days of school! Time sure does fly. If you're looking for creative and crafty ways to celebrate with your kiddos, check out these 3 super cute ideas featured by Julie over at Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten!

Craft 1: 100th Day Smarties

Start by creating the large smartie in the display with your students. Have 10 students write the needed numbers on pre-cut white construction paper rectangles. Then have another set of students glue these numbers onto larger assorted color rectangles. Once the numbers are ready to go, divide your class so there are an even number of students per number (or as close to even as you can get). Then have the groups work together to lay the numbers out in order, counting by 10's from 10 to 100 (you could also create thinner rectangles and have students count to 100 by 5's). After they've completed the task, glue the numbers together in order.

Smartie Activity for Kids
Photo Source: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

To finish off the large smartie, staple a piece of wax paper (cut larger than the width of the smartie pieces) to each end, bringing in the sides closest to the construction paper to create a "crinkled" look. Glue on dots pre-cut from red construction paper to complete the candy.

Student Smartie Craft

Have students create their own 'smartie candies' to hang next to the giant class-sized smartie! Give each student pre-cut construction paper rectangles in assorted colors to glue together to create the candy. Then have them complete the template (found here) about what makes them feel smart and glue it to the middle. How cute is that?!? Write about what makes you feel smart on a smartie!

Students can then complete their small smarties in the same way as the larger candy, with wax paper and red dots. Then hang their projects around the class-sized smartie for an incredibly colorful way to celebrate 100 days!

100th Day Smartie Craft for Kids
Photo Source: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Craft 2: Fruit Loop Necklaces

Celebrate 100 days of school by creating super simple necklaces with your kiddos! Pre-cut pieces of yarn long enough to fit 100 fruit loops (you may want to put one together to make sure the pieces are not too short). Make sure to tape each end of the yarn pieces with scoth tape to avoid fraying. Then have students string Fruit Loops onto their yarn 10 at a time, sorted by color.

Fruit Loop Necklaces 100th Day Craft
Photo Source: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Craft 3: Group Mural Gumball Machine

Start the mural by cutting a large circle out of white bulletin board paper. Then give each of your students a handful of pre-cut construction paper "gumballs" in assorted colors. Have the students take turns gluing the "gumballs" onto the machine. You could have them practice counting AND taking turns by requiring them to glue the gumballs on by color, 5 or 10 at a time.

Gumball Mural Craft for 100th Day
Photo Source: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

Once the "gumballs" are all in place, glue the white circle to a gumball machine base you've cut from red bulletin board paper and add a cute saying that you've written on white paper to the base. Julie added the following catchy sentence: "Chewy gumballs oh so sweet. How many pieces will I eat?" You could also add a title above the gumball machine to complete the display. Something along the lines of "100 Gumballs Celebrating 100 Days!" would work!

Completed Gumball Mural Craft for 100th Day
Photo Source: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten

After you've completed your 100th Day crafts with your kids, be sure to stop by Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten! Julie has an amazing assortment of ideas for you to try out!