Kindergarten Lesson Plans


7 Awesome Spring Literacy Center Ideas!

If you're looking to spice up your literacy centers, here are some awesome id...

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3 Fabulous Spring Gardening Themed Math Centers!

Photo Source: Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten Have you checked out Julie Lee's amaz...

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Summer Science & Math - Wild About Watermelon!

Photo Source: Like pumpkins in the fall, watermelons can...

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Learning with Seed Packets!

Spring is the perfect time of year to incorporate a gardening unit into your ...

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Fall Science - Watching Indian Corn Grow

Photo Source: Stacy over at Share and Remembe...

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Spring Plant Unit - Eating the Parts of a Plant

Photo Source: Last May we featured this same activ...

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The Science of Pumpkins

Photo Source: With fall in full sw...

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