Fall Science - Watching Indian Corn Grow

Fall Science Preschool Lesson Plan and Experiment
Photo Source: shareandremember.blogspot.com

Stacy over at Share and Remember asked her kiddos what they thought would happen if they placed an ear of Indian corn into a pan of water and this fun fall science exploration was born! {And promptly expanded to included celery as well!} It's not overly difficult to set up and we think it's a great way to incorporate a hands-on/living science exploration into your fall lesson plans!

Experiment Suggestions

A great way to start each day {so you don't forget!}, invite your kiddos to observe and describe the physical changes they see happening in the corn and celery. Have them record their observations using science notebooking pages or in their science journals.

  • Observation tools you might provide. Magnifying glasses so they can see the changes up close, common/familiar objects for making comparisons (i.e. Tic Tac breath mint, toothpick, pen, etc}, daily science notebooking pages/science journal for drawing and writing about the observed changes, etc.
  • Things you might encourage your kiddos to observe. Any changes to the size and shape of the kernels, the number of sprouts spotted, the average length of the sprouts as compared to common/familiar objects - i.e. "The sprouts are longer than a Tic Tac, but shorter than a toothpick", etc.

At the end of the experiment, it will be fun going back through your students' drawings/data to see the progression of growth!

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