Summer Science & Math - Wild About Watermelon!

Summer Math and Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Like pumpkins in the fall, watermelons can provide a fun summer science and math exploration for your kinders! We stumbled across this fabulous and quite comprehensive watermelon unit over at The Virtual Vine and thought it might make a fun end of the year activity.

  • Graphing - i.e. "Have you ever eaten watermelon?", "Do you like watermelon?", etc.
  • Making predictions - i.e. Will the watermelon sink or float?
  • Estimating - i.e. How many seeds are in a watermelon?
  • Weighting
  • Measuring

These are just a few of the the concepts you and your kinders can explore using watermelons! Be sure to visit The Virtual Vine for Cindy's full lesson plan and lots of other great learning ideas. We know your kinders will have a blast exploring these juicy treats!