Winter Numberland

Winter Snowflake Number Recognition and Counting Preschool Lesson PlanHere's a fun winter counting and number recognition game for your kiddos from Katy, featured contributor at Gayle's Preschool Rainbow. All you'll need is a marker, white printer paper, and a pair of scissors!

Create 10 sets of snowflake cutouts - making each pair by placing two sheets of printer paper on top of each other, folding them together, and cutting out a unique design. On one-half of each matching pair, use the marker to script a numeral, and on the other half of the matching pair, draw circles or dots.

To play, make it "snow", tossing the snowflakes in the air. Invite your students to pick up a cutout, identify the numeral/count the number of dots displayed on it, and find the classmate with the other part of the pair.

For this and other fun winter activity ideas, be sure to visit Gayle's Preschool Rainbow!