Winter Math - Snowman Estimation

Winter Snowman Estimation and Counting Math Center Idea and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We just love this snowman estimation and counting activity from Kristin Young over at Little Miss Glamour Goes To Kindergarten! It's super simple {especially considering Kristin provides a free activity worksheet}, easy to set up, and we know your kiddos will have a blast with it. Provided with a basket of cotton balls or white craft pom poms, invite your students to guess how many they think it will take to cover the snowman shape on the worksheet. Before completing the activity, discuss with your students what it means to make a reasonable guess (i.e. it obviously will take more than 5 cotton balls to cover the cutout, but 100 is way too many!). Once they've recorded their estimate, students will have fun covering their worksheet with cotton balls to see how close they were!

For this and many more awesome winter themed math centers - as well as the free activity printable - be sure to visit Little Miss Glamour Goes To Kindergarten!