Winter Math and Literacy Center Ideas

Winter Literacy and Math Preschool Lesson Plans
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Katie, kindergarten teacher and blogger at Little Warriors, offered a peek at a few of her winter literacy and math centers this past January - they're fantastic and we're sure you'll find them helpful if you're on the lookout for new or supplemental activities for your lesson plans! Ending sounds, word families, real v. nonsense words, number words, counting, and ordering - these are just a few of the concepts/skills Katie had her kinders working with. Our favorite activity is the number words and tally marks snowmen {pictured above}.

Provided with a snowman activity mat, colorful snowman pieces, and a recording worksheet, students are invited to...

  1. Sort the snowman pieces by color.
  2. Assemble the colored snowmen, one by one, on the snowman activity mat.
  3. Identify the number word/numeral on the snowman.
  4. Record the findings on their recording sheet - i.e. find the matching numeral on the worksheet, record the color of the snowman, trace the numeral, draw the appropriate number of tally marks, and practice writing the number word.

This is just one of the awesome literacy and math centers over at Little Warriors. Filled with festive clip art, shapes, and themes, we know these super cute activities will make a great addition to your classroom learning centers this winter! And, the best part is, Katie provides the center worksheets/templates over at her Teachers Pay Teachers store so that you don't have to create your own!