Winter Literacy Center - Word Family Christmas Trees

Christmas and Winter Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Rachelle over at What the Teacher Wants designed this fun Christmas themed activity to help your kinders practice word families! The best part is she provides a free printable template for the activity!

A few suggestions...

  • While the template features the -ay word chuck, you can use word processing software or a paint program to tweak the template to offer your kiddos practice with other word families.
  • The original activity instructs your kiddos to write words that belong in the displayed word family and add them to the tree. If you think your kiddos might have trouble with this, you might also consider pre-printing words onto the ornaments - both those that belong in the word family and those that don't - and inviting your students to sort the ornaments, gluing the right ones to the tree!

For the template download and lots of other great winter learning activities, be sure to visit What the Teacher Wants!