Wind-up Toys + Math = TONS of Fun

Spring Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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How utterly adorable {and superbly fun!} is this math activity from Marsha over at A Differentiated Kindergarten?! Seriously, we're all wound up over it! We're absolutely certain that any exercise that allows kiddos to get their hands on wind-up toys is sure to be a giant success! 

To begin each round, Marsha's students set their bugs loose on a large sheet of paper filled with groups of tally marks. The student whose bug landed on {or near} the largest set of tally marks received a token for the round, then students played again. When center time ended, the student with the most tokens, won {and got a really cool title!}.

We love that Marsha used wind-up bugs - they are a perfect compliment to any spring/summer themed center - and we love that this exercise can be tailored to fit various learning goals as well!

Be sure to visit A Differentiated Kindergarten for Marsha's tips, tricks, and rules if you're thinking of incorporating wind-up toys in your classroom centers!