What President's Are Made Of!

President's Day is coming up and here are a few lesson ideas just in case you need a bit of inspiration {amidst all the Valentine's Day and Black History Month planning!}...

President's Day Graphic Organizer and Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com

What Presidents Are Made Of

President's Day offers a great opportunity to study the men who have led and helped shape our country. And the children's book What Presidents Are Made Of by Hanock Piven is a wonderful way to bring these figures to life! Using everything from jelly beans to blue jeans, Piven "builds" the portrait of each president, portraying their character and personality along the way. This is a memorable way to learn about each man as well as what it takes to be the leader of a country!

When finished, create a circle map of what you've learned about presidents - what they do, their character traits, etc. - like the one we found over at Chalk Talk {pictured above}!