Valentine's Day with The K-Crew

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To help you round out your Valentine's Day activities, we visited on of our favorite haunts, The K-Crew, to see what they were up to! The answer - lots of great stuff! Here's a peek at a few of their February centers...

Special Journaling Prompts

We love incorporating journaling exercises in the kindergarten classroom and were excited to see that the teaching duo over at The K-Crew included some new prompts in their V-Day unit. There are three in total - our favorite has your kiddos creating a secret valentine for one of their classmates. [NOTE: So that every child gets a valentine, be sure to assign names! This could all be part of the 'ceremony' of the activity ~ leave a fun Valentine themed envelope with a classmate's name in it in each student's journal.]

Science Center Sorting

Provide students with a variety of magazine cutouts, clip art images, etc. and invite students to sort the cards into one of two categories - "Man-made" or "Natural". If you can, find V-Day themed items like sugar, chocolates, a bow and arrow, flowers, etc.

These activities are just the tip of the iceberg! For other great literature, math, social studies, and art ideas, be sure to visit The K-Crew's website!