Valentine's Day Unit: Sensory Activities

According to Amanda Morgan - mother, educational consultant, and creator of the blog, Not Just Cute - "sensory play is really part of the scientific process". Through sensory experiences, children interact with and begin to order the world - learning how to ask questions, observe reactions, investigate, collect data, and reach conclusions - all using their five senses! With Valentine's Day coming up, here are some great sensory play ideas that are sure to be a hit!

valentine's day sensory tub
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Sensory Bin

This festive sensory bin was created by Allie of No Time For Flash Cards. With a base of dried beans - Allie suggests red lentils and navy beans - along with glittery heart confetti and foam heart cutouts, this simple tub is inexpensive, requires little work, and will keep your kiddos occupied for hours! Add a few spoons, measuring cups, miniature tongs, plastic heart shaped containers, and other 'exploration tools' and you're set!

valentine's day shaving cream sensory activity
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Shaving Cream Doodles

Here's one from The Train to Crazy. Gather cans of unscented shaving cream or containers of cool whip, add a few drops of red food coloring to tint the cream, then provide each student with a few dollops of Valentine's Day cream and let the the fun begin!

  • Call out letters and invite students to use the cream for some handwriting practice.
  • Invite students to create their own special designs, then press a piece of paper to the cream to create fun prints and artwork.
  • Have students practice drawing shapes in the cream.
valentine's day chocolate play dough sensory activity
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Chocolate Scented Play Dough

Round out your sensory play activities with play dough! Mari-Ann of Counting Coconuts suggests creating special Valentine's Day play dough that smells like chocolate (using chocolate extract) and providing students with heart cookie cutters and other fun tools! [BONUS: While you're there, be sure to check out Mari-Ann's Valentine's Day sensory bin too!]

With these sensory play activities, your Valentine's Day unit is sure to keep your students engaged, exploring, and learning!

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