Valentine's Day Sorting - Letter, Word, or Sentence

Valentine's Day Literacy Sorting Preschool Lesson Plan
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While you probably have your plans all set for the holiday, check out this adorable Valentine's Day sorting activity submitted by Debi, kindergarten teacher and creator of Mrs. Goodman's Frog Blog, to Teaching Heart. We love the conversation hearts theme and the literacy practice (oh, and the fact that there's a FREE printable to go along with the activity!).

Use with a pocket chart or simply use the provided labels as sorting 'mats', inviting your students to determine whether the conversation heart features a letter, a word, or a sentence, placing the card under the proper heading. This is a fabulous way to show your preschoolers how letters are the building blocks of words and words the building blocks of sentences.

You might also have your kiddos use the conversation hearts cards to play a sorting game in small groups. After shuffling the cards and passing an even amount to each player, have students flip their cards over at the same time and race to sort them onto simple columned game mats. The student who does this the quickest (and has them correct), wins!

For this awesome Valentine's Day themed literacy activity download, be sure to visit Teaching Heart! And don't forget to check out Debi's classroom blog!