Using Matchboxes For Storytelling

Preschool Storytelling and Literacy Lesson Plan
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This Wednesday {the 27th} is "Tell a Story Day" and, as you've likely experienced with your energetic kiddos, preschoolers have fantastic imaginations that can spin and weave stories at the drop of a hat! This guided storytelling exercise from Elise at Inspiration Surrounds... Creativity Abounds is a great way to help your students learn how to create more complex story lines by asking important questions like who, what, where, etc.

"What if..." Matchboxes

There are three elements to each "What if..." matchbox:

  1. The front of the box displays the image of an object (noun).
  2. When opened, the matchbox tray contains an image related to an action (verb).
  3. On the back of the box, a list of exploratory "What if..." questions are posed.

To use, students put the three elements together, answering the fully formed "What if..." scenarios described. For example, if "lion" were the noun and "dance" were the verb, students might be asked to explore the following questions:

  • What if a lion could dance? {the overarching question}
  • How would the lion dance?
  • Where would the lion dance?
  • Would the lion prefer to dance alone, or with a partner?
  • And so on...

It would be neat to first, have each student pick a "What if..." matchbox and have a {recorded!} conversation with them about the exploratory questions, then compile their answers into a personalized book for them to illustrate.