Unique Writing Exercises for Kinder

kindergarten literacy center scrapbook journal
Photo Source: davisonkindergarten.blogspot.com

We stumbled across some great writing activities while perusing one of our favorite kindergarten blogs, Mrs. Davidson's Kindergarten {created and maintained by Vermont kindergarten teacher, Sharon Davidson}, and thought we'd share - just in case you were looking to breathe new life into your writer's workshop or writing centers this spring!


While this may not be a possibility for everyone {because of technology limitations, etc.}, we thought we'd mention the idea of kidblogs - a very unique writing exercise indeed! Using a platform specially designed for schools, students are provided with their very own blog through which they can publish posts/journal entries, read what other students are up to, participate through commenting, and even get their families involved in the learning process by posting pictures, artwork, etc. While there is certainly a learning curve and much need for guided instruction {and participation of parents}, this is still a fantastic and unique writing exercise that will not only strengthen writing skills, but also help your kiddos learn to follow directions and introduce them to using technology.


Another great {less technological} way to add spice to your writing projects is to have students design and keep a scrapbook during the year. Your kiddos will have great fun working with patterned paper, craft embellishments, pictures taken in class or brought in from home, and writing short sentences to describe events, ideas, future goals, things learned in class, etc. The best part is, your kinders will have a great keepsake to take home with them at the end of the year!