Toilet Paper Roll Planes

Convair NB-36H airplane, the first aircraft to fly with an operating atomic reactor aboard
photo © 1956 University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections | more info (via: Wylio)

In honor of aviation month, check out these toilet paper roll airplanes from Jen at paint cut paste. They're made from simple materials (that can be found around the house or classroom!) and are certain to provide your students with a fun afternoon of crafting!

Supplies You'll Need

Begin by pouring paint into shallow bowls. The planes featured at paint cut paste make use of metallic paint (which provides a cool effect!), but you can use whatever you have in your art cabinet! Invite your students to paint their toilet paper roll, as well as their jumbo craft sticks - they'll need one whole craft stick and one-half. After the plane components have dried, arm your students with craft glue, inviting them to assemble their aircraft. The whole craft stick should be glued across the top third of the toilet paper roll (perpendicular to the roll) as wings and the half craft stick should be glued upright to the top of the roll, creating the tail. If you desire, have students pull several cotton balls apart so that they resemble wispy puffs of smoke, and glue them to the back of the plane.

These crafts make an adorable display for the classroom. Consider pairing them with one of the following lessons: