Time Telling Tricks

Learning to tell time is a difficult skill to master. With three separate hands and three similar, but certainly distinct concepts, conquering the clock can seem like an overwhelming task. Since children endeavoring this task have learned to recognize numbers, starting the time-telling process by using digital clocks is a helpful strategy. Once students have mastered this, help them make the connection between the digital time designations and those on an analog clock.
Shirley, a homeschooler with great ideas for teaching tough concepts, has created a fun matching game to reinforce time-telling skills. Create your own or use Shirley's template to make analog and digital time cards that display each of the twelve hours of the day. Mix them up and, one by one, have your students pick matches. Play as a class or create a set for each student to practice with. While still difficult, this fun game will help to strengthen the underlying concepts of learning to tell time.

Snap-o-clock Math Game