Theme Workboxes - Organizing Your Classroom Learning Spaces

Theme Basket Organization Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We love the idea of creating theme workboxes for students to explore in the classroom. While tooling around one of our favorite blogs, Silly Eagle Books, we found this particularly great post at The Sleepy Time Gal and had to share what a colorful, creative learning tool workboxes can be! {Oh, and they're also pretty perfect for organizing learning spaces!}

Theme Generation

What's great about learning workboxes is that they grow with your students. You might notice that the "Safari Animals" bin is constantly in use, while the "Telling Time" workbox seems to sit on the shelf. In this case, you can either find a new way to showcase the materials and make them more appealing to your kiddos {i.e. "stage" the books, manipulatives, activities, etc. out on a table where they're more likely to be seen}, scrap the theme if it's not working and find a different way to incorporate it into your learning environment, or put the theme back in rotation, introducing it again later when you refresh the other theme workboxes.

While you're certain to have standard "unchanging" concept boxes that include general skills for your kiddos to practice/learn {i.e. writing, counting, literacy, etc.}, use your lesson plans/topic studies as a guide for other theme workboxes and take into account the interests of your kinders as well, including "Sports", "Dance", "Music", "Technology", and other 'fun' themes for them to explore on their own!

For lots of great pictures, theme ideas, and a more in-depth look at theme workboxes, be sure to visit The Sleepy Time Gal!