The Wacky Discoveries of George Washington Carver

Black History Month and Famous African Americans Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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If you're looking for some activities to supplement your mystery mailbox lesson {featured yesterday} or Black History Month plans, we suggest selecting several important historical figures to explore with your kiddos in more detail. George Washington Carver, who overcame the bonds of slavery to become a prominent scientist and change the face of agriculture and botany, is not only a great role model, but would make the perfect addition to your Famous African Americans unit!

While his agricultural achievements and groundbreaking discoveries in plant biology were numerous, Carver is best known for the many uses he devised for the peanut! Did you know he invented peanut butter? We found some great resources that we think will help you and your kinders learn a little bit more about this important historical figure who gave us such a tasty treat!

  • With fun rhymes and quirky illustrations, Karen Clopton-Dunson's The Wacky Discoveries of George Washington Carver, is easy to understand, fun to read, and is a fun way to introduce the life and achievements of George Washington Carver!
  • Make peanut butter! As you follow the tutorial for one of Carver's famous inventions, your students will learn more about the invention process and make a tasty treat! We suggest this tutorial from, but be careful of any peanut allergies your students might have!
  • Explore peanuts - with the help of this lab/experiment {pictured above} that we found over at iintegratetechnology where students use their five senses to compare unshelled and shelled peanuts.

Be sure to check out these great resources and get learning!