The Very Busy Spider

Don't you just love free resources? We've said this before, but we're constantly amazed at the creativity and generosity of others who share their lessons, worksheets, etc. in the hopes of inspiring others. Several years ago we snagged a fabulous character freebie for Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider from Amanda over at First Grade Garden that came in handy when creating this little lapbook to go along with our Halloween reading! [NOTE: This would also make a great addition to a bug or spider unit!]

The lapbook offered a great opportunity for reviewing the story while discussing various topics and building important skills...

  • Elements of a story - characters
  • Story sequencing/ordering events
  • Scissor skills
  • Language skills - animal sounds
  • Handwriting

Front Flap - Story Sequencing + Scissor Skills

Halloween and Spider Themed Kindergarten Lesson Plan

We took the original character cards and, instead of printing one per sheet, printed two sets of cards per 8.5" x 11" sheet of printer paper. Students were invited to cut the character cards apart then, using the graphic organizer, paste the cards in the correct order. Once completed, they were invited to use the organizer to retell the story to a friend!

Inside - Animal Sound/Animal Match

Halloween and Spider Themed Kindergarten Lesson Plan

This activity used the original character cards. We glued them directly to the folder, then created sound cards that were matched to the character cards and used to create flaps. To complete the activity, students identified the animal sound, named the animal that makes the sound, and lifted the flap to check their answer.

Back Flap - Animal Word Tracing

Halloween and Spider Themed Kindergarten Lesson Plan

We used simple word processing software and a handwriting font to create custom word tracers. Students were invited to trace the read each animal word. [NOTE: At the last minute we decided to add picture clues. Again, the animal card freebie came in handy for this. We, of course, just made them smaller!]

While the above shows an individual student lapbook, we were also considering making this a center activity with reusable activities. Nothing would change inside the folder, but this would require some changes to the activities on the front and back flaps.

  • Front Flap. 1) Laminate the graphic organizer and animal cards. 2) Add Velcro dots to the spaces on the graphic organizer and the back of the laminated animal cards. 3) Attach a small envelope to keep the animal cards in when not in use.
  • Back Flap. Laminate the tracer and add a dry erase marker/damp paper towel to the activity center toolbox.

We're not sure if you can still grab the freebie over at First Grade Garden, but isn't it amazing what you can do with one free printable?!