The Science of Easter!

If you're looking for a fun science activity to explore with your preschoolers during the Easter season, we found some very unrelated, but still very cool projects for you to attempt!

Spring Easter Gardening Science Preschool Lesson
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Make seedling Easter baskets like these from Science@home! The process is quite involved, but this activity can be a great precursor to your spring gardening/botany unit. Use them as window or desk decorations through the holiday season, then find a warm moist place for them to grow and - voila! - a classroom garden!

Spring Easter Egg Preschool Science Lesson
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Have some Easter fun with Humpty Dumpty the Our Crafts ~N~ Things way! Invite your kiddos to hypothesize what will happen if 'hard boiled Humpty' has a great fall. Hypothesize and compare the results of a fall by 'raw Humpty'. Next, invite your students to hold both a hard boiled egg and raw egg. Have them describe any similarities/differences. As they observe, give them a closer look at the inside of both eggs. Once again, have them describe what they see - how it is the same and how it differs.

Spring Easter Preschool Science Lesson
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Have a flubber race like this one at Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone! Students will have a blast observing how differently the substance interacts with each container identifying variables like drip speed, string width, string length, etc. and making comparisons between the drippings and real world objects!