The Science of Birds

Melissa, Chasing Cheerios blog creator, mother, and part-time school psychologist, provides wonderful ideas for crafts, activities, and learning methods for preschoolers. She has created this comprehensive science shelf that will be sure to spark the excitement of your own preschoolers!

As a mom attempting to homeschool, Melissa shares her opinion on some curricula and supplemental books. Based on experience and ease of use, she highly recommends Peggy Ashbrook's book "Science is Simple: Over 250 Activities for Preschoolers". This resource directs parents and teachers alike how to tailor challenging science lessons to younger classrooms. One valuable way to get preschoolers interested in science is to set up science tables for them to explore at their own or a directed pace.
In her post, Melissa describes a science station she set up for learning about winter birds. Here are a few of the important items:

  • In the sensory table, she suggests using birdseed, providing several scoops and measuring cups, and letting children explore the feel and texture of what birds eat.
  • Binoculars, real or crafted during art, allow children to view birds up close and pretend they're on a real bird watch. Playing bird songs in the background is a great supplement.
  • Making a class bird feeder from a pine cone, peanut butter, and birdseed allows for some messy fun and provides an opportunity for children to view birds (i.e. sizes, types, etc.) through the classroom window when they come to eat.
  • Birdseed art projects, building nests, and exploring textures through rubbing plates are always a hit during craft time.

Chasing Cheerios: Winter Birds Science Shelf