The Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing Activity

Photo Source: Creating & Teaching

We are huge Eric Carle fans and love this fun sequencing activity created by Erin over at Creating & Teaching! It's simple, but if you're planning on including Carle's popular children's book The Hungry Caterpillar in your spring lesson plans or bug unit, it's sure to make an excellent addition to your plans!

Photo Source: Creating & Teaching

The activity is pretty simple to recreate because Erin points you in the direction of the clip art she used to create the food pieces. All you have to do is resize and print the images, cut out the pieces, and laminate them for durability. Then, after reading the story, have your students work from memory to sequence all of the food pieces in the order that they were eaten.

Erin originally created the activity to be used in a small group and for students to work together to sequence the pieces. However, you could also use the clip art to create a worksheet, interactive emergent reader, or other activity for each student to work on individually.

For more activity details and the link to the clip art, be sure to visit Creating & Teaching!