The Counting Ball Game

Math Counting Game Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: | Sister72

This fun game from Iram and James of CanTeach is great for practicing counting skills {including skip counting if your kiddos have moved to this level} and honing gross motor skills - the only material you'll need is a soft ball!

Start by having your students form a circle and call out a number. This is the number that your kiddos will be counting to using the desired interval. [NOTE: If counting by 2s, or another interval, make sure the number you call fits into the sequence. For example, when counting by 2s, calling out '13' wouldn't be appropriate, but '12' or '14' would.]

Hand the ball to a student volunteer to start off the counting. They'll say the first number in the sequence and pass the ball to a classmate, who will say the next number, and continue the process. The student left holding the ball when the target number is reached is out. The game continues until there is one student standing.

[NOTE: As an alternative to each student coming up with each particular number in the sequence, count as a group.]

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