Thanksgiving Math Center - Pumpkin Pie Counting

Fall and Thanksgiving Counting Preschool Lesson Plan
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In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought this pie counting activity from Beth of From The Hive would be a fabulous addition to your holiday math center!

Supplies You'll Need

    • Card stock pie cutouts {simply print pumpkin pie clip art images onto white card stock}
    • Permanent marker
    • Recycled Cool Whip container
    • Cotton balls
    • Appetizer tongs, serving spoon, or ice cream scoop

Here's how it works - begin by labeling each pie cutout with a different numeral. If you plan to keep them or simply want to cut down on the wear and tear, use a classroom or school laminator to laminate the pieces. Set these cutouts in the center along with a Cool Whip container full of cotton balls and a pair of tongs. To complete the center, invite your students to determine the numeral on the pie cutout and place the appropriate number of whipped cream "dollops" onto the pie!

Super simple and you're kids will love it! Head on over to From the Hive for a look at the full activity post - and for lots of other great ideas!