Teaching the Alphabet: Waldorf Style

Alphabet and Reading Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: twiningoaks.blogspot.com

While you're certain to have your own method of helping your kinders learn the alphabet, we loved this "Waldorf concept" of approaching letters shared by Sara of Schooling from the Heart at A Taste of Waldorf. Using Grimm's Fairytales as the backdrop for the method, each new {capital} letter emerges in picture form as the story unfolds, providing students with a memorable and meaningful introduction to the alphabet.

Once finished telling the story and discussing it with your kinders, invite them to copy the letter drawing in their reading journal to reinforce it and the concepts learned through the story. As Sara states, while Grimm's Fairytales offer a wonderful background to this method, other stories can certainly be used! If interested in this method, be sure to visit Sarah's blog for a more in-depth look!