Summer Tub O' Fun!

Summer Crafts for Kids
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If you're looking toward the summer months, realizing your kiddos are going to be home for three months and wondering what you have on hand to keep them occupied, you might consider checking out this awesome "Summer Tub O' Fun" put together by Marie over at Make and Takes! In preparation for summer crafting fun, Marie collected various craft items from around the house - placing them in clear Ziploc bags - and corralled them all in one large tote. Repurposed in a fun, kid-friendly way, now when her kiddos come looking for something fun to do, she can direct them to the tote and they can craft to their hearts' content!

What we love...

  • This tote doesn't have to cost any money. You can simply use items from around the house. While your kiddos are sure to be familiar with the items, 'repackaging' them is sure to make them feel like new!
  • Full of kid-friendly crafting supplies and kept in an easily accessed location, when your kiddos are in a crafting mood they won't even have to ask you to get things together for them - they can independently find and use the tote!

To see what Marie stocked in her "Summer Tub O' Fun", be sure to visit Make and Takes!